23 September 2012

Love for the 930 Club and Grizzly Bear

Returning to the 930 Club was one of the things I was most looking forward to in moving back to DC.  This is my favorite music venue ever hands down.  It's small enough to retain some intimacy but large enough to draw the more popular bands.  I remember visiting the club back in its original location at 930 F St. when the only thing open nearby was a Popeye's.  It was much smaller than but DC became a grown up city and a bigger club was needed.

I was excited that Phor was able to buy us tickets to see Grizzly Bear on Friday night.  The last time I saw them was at Governor's Island which is fun but it is not an intimate club.  The sound was better here and I was able to resume my favorite location in the balcony.

I just bought their new album on Tuesday so I haven't formed an opinion of it yet but I liked what I heard that night.

I was very happy to hear Colorado and Knife live.  The harmony is beautiful.  And Two Weeks and While You Wait For The Others had the crowd as excited as they were that night.

If you don't know Grizzly Bear, please have a listen.  I also think the videos are pretty incredible.


Two Weeks

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