18 September 2012

H St NE Fest And One Great T-Shirt

Saturday was a gorgeous day and I made my way to NE to meet up with the Blaylocks and one of the Ricks at the H St Festival.  This was my first year attending and I was hoping for a laid back kind of street festival.  That wasn't what I found. 

I did find this guy doing lots of amazing tricks on his pogo stick.

Apparently this pickle maker won 2nd at the Intl Pickle Festival but I just don't like pickles enough to buy one.  I thought the packaging looked very Brooklyn-like.

Shaved ice in lots of rainbow colors.  I wanted one so much but I knew I needed real food first.

I loved seeing the Joy of Motion school putting on a show.

Can you see all the people in the background?  This was a hectic, crowded affair.

One of the very large bbq pits set up on the street.

I loved seeing these guys on the top of Rock & Roll Hotel and it reminds me the episode of It's All Sunny when they buy a boat.  It's a brilliant episode.

I finally found a place to buy some food and was kind of excited when this was my view from the line.  It was just parked there but people took advantage of the photo opportunity.

And then we all found each other.  So great to see Nancy, Andrea and Ben.  These are some of the reasons why the move to DC is a wonderful move.

We moved off the street and these kids were so excited to see us lemonade.  And then it hit me that I would probably have not bought lemonade at a stand in NYC but I will in DC.  

And the best sighting at the festival is this guy.  I love that there is a whole population of people that I've never even considered that this man belongs to.

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