12 September 2012

Love For The Nationals

We are an Oakland A's family which means that I spent some time at the Oakland Coliseum as a child.  I was never in love with baseball but I do know one thing - it's far more interesting to watch it in person than it is on tv. 

I remember when the Nationals came to DC and I was excited for the new coliseum.  There is something very appropriate about a larger city having a baseball team.  This was a big deal for DC. And the season that the Nationals are having this year means that everyone loves them.

The Nationals Park is really lovely to see when you come out of the Metro because you can see the entire park. 

Jenica invited me the first weekend I was officially back in DC.  It was a great way to be welcomed back into the city.

I wish the game ended on a happier note but they were playing the Miami Marlins and apparently this season the Nationals cannot beat them.

I was a little too excited to see Blue Smoke in the park.  I knew there was a Shake Shack but this was completely unexpected.  Jenica passed on the bbq and went straight to Ben's Chili Bowl to get a half smoke.  Apparently it tasted much better than it looked.

I tried to get a better picture of the entire park on the way back to the Metro but the lights were very bright.

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