23 June 2012

The Tallest Man On Earth

I owe this discovery to my friend Ben.  At first I did not like The Tallest Man on Earth.  I did not like his voice at all.  And then I kept listening.  We also listened to it while we were touring through Portland a couple of years ago.  And I now I like him a lot.  I went to see him at Town Hall on Wednesday night.  I loved the venue.

Forgive the crooked photo but I was trying to take this picture without being noticed.

If you've never heard of The Tallest Man On Earth, it's just one man named Kristian Mattson from Sweden who sings songs.  It's him on the stage with a choice of playing one of five guitars or a piano.  This audience was quiet and in love with him.

He moves when he sings but it's not really a dance.  

And if you're interested in hearing and seeing what he looks like up close.

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