24 June 2012

Do It.

I made plans with Brig to eat at a restaurant called Do or Dine in Bedstuy over a month ago.  I read about it in the New Yorker and knew it was a place that I had to go with Brig.  I knew he would appreciate the adventure and the unusual menu. 

Unfortunately, his gallbladder stood in the way of this brilliant plan.  He waited for a clear diagnosis, doctor appointments, and a surgery date.  I just waited and hoped it would all happen before I left NYC.

The infected body part was removed and I waited a week before I emailed to ask for a date for our adventure.  He proposed the next night and we made our way to a part of Brooklyn I've never previously visited.

This is a place that can be seen blocks away.  I had previously seen a picture so I knew I was headed in the right direction from the G train.

We waited by the bar for a few minutes.  It was good to catch up on life and inquire about Brig's life without a gallbladder.

This pretty lady was looking over us at the bar.

I took a picture of the menu to remember what we ordered.  Brig's post isn't up yet but his pics will be so much better.  Let this be a place holder until those are posted.

Our first dish was the Foie Gras Doughnut.  We both knew that this would be a part of the meal.  The doughnut is made by Dough which is my favorite doughnut shop in NYC.  Inside was foie gras with a berry compote on the side.  Perfect.

This is the Nippon Nachos which were dumplings topped with gouda and cheddar cheese and a special sour cream that I can't remember.  Again, an absolute surprise regarding the combination of ingredients but delicious.

There are some hefty items on the menu like the Pig, Latin and the New Zealand Duck Breast but we kept it semi-light since Brigham has only been out of the hospital for a week.  We ate the Rice-Skate with rice and beans, mango and pork.  The rice and beans were puffed rice and black beans.  Very well conceived dish.  I don't typically order skate but this was good.

I was still hungry and Do or Dine doesn't really have a dessert selection.  We finished off the meal with  the Lamb Breast which is described as fatty, cumin, lime.  It's like a lamb belly and it was my favorite dish of the night.  We spoke to one of the chefs who told us how he and his friends would buy this cut of lamb because it was so cheap but they couldn't figure out how to cook it.  It was tough and stringy.  He accidentally slow cooked it (kept the oven on and forgot to take out the meat) and it was delicious.  This is how he learned to slow cook.

This is on my top twenty restaurants to go to in NYC.

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