28 June 2012

Good Italian Food

Sometimes I just want pasta.  Not often but sometimes.  And after my simple but delicious plate of spaghetti at Scarpetta, I jumped at the chance to eat more pasta.  Mer made reservations at dell' anima last Thursday night and this place has been on my "to eat" list for a while.  I'm leaving NYC in two months time and my "to eat" list is what is stressing me out the most.  I need to eat at three restaurants a week to complete it.  Any attempt at staying in budget or healthy be damned.  This is my mission.

Dell' anima is loved for its brushette.  We had a difficult time deciding between the five options but the server recommended the lily confit (garlic and onions), ricotta with sea salt and roasted red peppers. I loved each option and it was served with a bowl of toasted garlic bread.  This is comfort food.

We had a difficult time deciding on our pastas.  It was a really hot day and neither of us wanted anything too heavy.  I loved my garganelli with fresh porcini mushrooms, rosemary, shallots, garlic and parmigiano reggiano.  It had a lot of flavor and I liked the shape of the garganelli.

Mer went for the bucatini alla arrabbiata with calabrian chilies, tomato and pecorino breadcrumbs.

I can understand why people in the West Village seem to really like this place.

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