16 June 2012

Once for the First Time

I never saw the film Once.  For whatever reason, I never saw it.  I heard about it and I heard the music but it just never happened.  And then the film was made into a musical which is now on Broadway.  I finally decided to see it even before the show won the Tony for best musical and best actor in a musical.  I think it was during my breakfast with Mike and Scott that I was finally convinced to see it.

Trish and I saw it Thursday night and I loved it.  I loved the music and the quirky characters.  It is not a big spectacular show.  It is a beautiful story that comes to life through the really great music and actors.

I also liked the stage set.  It's an actual bar that people can order drinks at during intermission.

And the theater is gorgeous.  I am often impressed by the ceilings of the buildings in NYC.

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