21 June 2012

Jay-Z is Not Their Neighbor

Scarpetta has been on my list to eat at for years.  It's pretty near where I work but it's not open for work and my co-workers had a non-exciting meal there once.  But then I heard from Mer that the spaghetti is worth the visit.  And then I read it everywhere.

First off, the restaurant is much larger than I suspected and it is beautiful.  The ceiling is gorgeous and I would love to see what it looks like on a rainy night.  Apparently, they open them on warm nights but there is too much construction next door to do it this summer.

We had a selection of butter, olive oil and an olive tapenade to eat with the bread.  But one of the breads was this salami, mozzarella amazingness and no topping was necessary.  Suzi and I grabbed the two in the bread basket but we made sure to ask for more so Micah could give it a try.

I read about the creamy polenta with truffled mushrooms and told the table how delicious it was supposed to be.  Our server came up with the excellent suggestion to order two appetizers and share them.  The polenta was worth it.

And so was the Braised Short Ribs of Beef with vegetable and farro risotto.  The beef was tender and delicious. 

This spaghetti doesn't look all that special but it is the best spaghetti I've ever had.  It's also not a dish I order much but it was worth the price of the tomatoes and basil.  I would return for this dish.

Suzi ordered the tagliatelle with truffle zabaglione, guanciale and spring vegetables.  She liked it but there was a taste that she wasn't keen on.  She ate some of my spaghetti.

Micah is wonderful for many reasons but also because he is an adventurous eater.  He ordered the pasta with rabbit just because he's never eaten rabbit before.  He didn't love it but it was fine.  

And we finished our meal doing something that others hate.  We all ordered the same dessert.  Our server was even disappointed in us but we all knew what we wanted and we wanted our own dish of it.  We each ordered the Amedei Chocolate Cake with salted caramel gelato and chocolate butterscotch.  I was having a rough day and this is my comfort dessert.  I was very pleased with my choice.

Our server told us a rumor that Jay-Z is building a hotel right next door.  I just found out on Curbed that it's a rumor but that would have been so much fun.  I want to see what a Jay-Z hotel would look like.

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  1. I had food envy the entire time! Our waiter would've completely lost it though if we ordered the same entree and dessert..