01 June 2012

Marlowe & Sons

Surprise, surprise...another wonderful restaurant in Brooklyn.  But it's true.  Marlow & Sons is worth the trip to Williamsburg.  The owners have a whole group of restaurants and just actually opened a boutique hotel in Williamsburg.  I gave Whitney and Nick the option of a few places to eat on Tuesday night and the overwhelming response was this one.

It's the kind of restaurant you find in Brooklyn - cozy, lots of wood and low lights.  The menu only states the main ingredient and it's up to the server to describe all of the components.  I believe they change up the dishes often based on seasonal availability.

I wish I wrote down what we ordered because it was all delicious.  I like eating with Nick and Whit because we order a lot of dishes and share everything.

We started off with a meat and cheese dish.  There was this goat cheese that blew my mind and I loved the chorizo.

At first I thought we would order the potato tortilla but then we heard what was on the crostini and we were sold.  It had fresh spring peas, pesto, ricotta and onions.  It was perfect.

Our brick chicken.  Not a great photo but the chicken was juicy and tender.  It was covered in butter sauce which makes everything that much better and it came with olive oil potatoes.

I passed on dessert but Nick and Whitney decided on the caramel chocolate sea salt tart.  I then saw it and had to have one bite.  It's the best tart of this kind I've ever eaten.  The layer of caramel under the chocolate makes this tart.  The caramel does not hide in the chocolate.  Hands down ridiculously good.

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