07 June 2012

I Love Thom Yorke

I tried to think of a pithy title about Thom's dancing, singing, and all around greatness but it comes down to me loving him.  There is too much to this love to explain it all but here are a couple of highlights.

I remember listening to The Bends for the first time.  I borrowed a tape from my friend Liz when attending University of Sussex and I never wanted to give it back.  She kept asking for it but I made excuses.  I think she finally made a copy for me.

May 2008 around 10 pm in Georgetown, DC.  I had just walked a friend to his hotel.  It was a quiet weeknight and I was alone on the sidewalk walking to catch my bus.  I realized there were four very well dressed men walking toward me.  Three were tall and the fourth wasn't.  I was about 10 feet away when I realized I was looking at Thom Yorke and his band mates from Radiohead.  I walked through them and I have no idea the expression on my face.  I turned to look behind me and one of them was checking me out.  I'm still upset that I didn't say anything to them.  I think I would have told them thank you but I really have no idea what could have been said.  I immediately called my friend Dan and just lived off that experience for a good few months.

When I heard that Radiohead was coming to Newark, I said Yes, please.  Trish and I went the first night where we were about 20 feet from Thom.

Trish expresses the excitement we were both feeling.

I was so happy and they played the three songs I wanted to hear the most - Nude, 15 Step, and You and Whose Army?  It was the best Radiohead show that I've been to (this was my third).

They also played Karma Police which also blew my mind.  Funny enough it reminded of driving to Duck Beach with Robs and a few others as we listened to that song a lot in the car.

I also went the second night with Phor but we were in seats.  It was perfect because I wasn't feeling that well but Thom wasn't either.  There is something to be said about dancing so close to Thom that you feel like your dancing with him.  People should see him play just to see him dance. 

The play list for the first night can be found here.  The second night is here.  

And watch some dancing.


  1. Agreed!! Love Thom's voice and dance skills!!

    Karma Police gets me every time! Crazy duck beach road trips. Did you come see Radiohead with me, Kate and Nany at Meriwether? I can't remember if you were there that time!

  2. I was there. I actually think Nancy pulled out at the last minute and it was just the three of us. Remember showing up after being stuck in traffic and listening to Creep as we were walking to the stage.