29 June 2012

The Fanciest Prison in the World

Or at least I assume it's the fanciest prison.  And it was once a prison.  Now it's a hotel.  I'd even say it's the best hotel in Boston.  I've stayed at over a dozen so far in the city and I finally found my favorite one -  The Liberty Hotel (get it?).

The hotel has restaurants/bars named Alibi, Clink., The Yard, and Catwalk.  Some of it's too precious but it all works because it's a gorgeous hotel.  The TV in the room was set to a documentary on the history of the prison when my bed was turned down and I wanted to keep watching it.

The lobby is gorgeous.  There are only a few rooms in the actual prison and I was assigned one of them.  It's one of the largest hotel rooms I've been in.

The hotel built in 1851was previously the Suffolk County Jail.  Quoted from a sign on the building, the designers created "a cruciform with four wings radiating from an octagonal center.  (Rev. Louis) Dwight's humanitarian approach toward prisoners called for rooms large enough for communal work and exercise as well as individual cells.  This location on the Charles River produced additional benefits as well - fresh air and ample natural light through wall and cell windows.  The jail served the county until 1990."

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