08 June 2012

Daniel is Always Delicious

I sent Phor a list of restaurants to choose from during her visit here and she chose very well.  After Brooklyn, we made our way to the Upper West Side to eat at a Daniel Boulud restaurant Boulud Sud.  I am slowly eating at all of his places in this city.

The restaurant was light and airy and perfect for my idea of what a Mediterranean restaurant should look like.

Maybe I didn't get enough pics of the interior but it was just a nice calm environment and not to hectic for a Saturday night.  And you can tell how light it was because the pictures are all lit by natural light and you can see the food.

Phor and I typically order a couple of dishes and share everything.  Everyone should have a friend like this.

The flat bread was a special with arugula, mushrooms and artichokes.  And beside that is Spiced Duck Leg Katafi with date chutney.  If there is duck and dates together on a menu, it's mine. 

Our main dish was the Spiced Lamb Loin with hand-rolled couscous,  Algerian eggplant yogurt and lavash.  It was a dream.  The lamb was perfectly tender.

Our dessert is no longer on the menu but it was date cake with buttermilk gelato and strawberries.  I loved it but Phor found fault with the date cake being too hard.  It resembled more a cookie than a cake but it was tasty nonetheless.

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