10 June 2012


Yesterday I thought it would be a fun thing to stop by the Big Apple BBQ at Madison Square Park.  I thought it would be easy to just grab some meat and get on with the rest of my day.  I arrived at 2 pm and left around 4 and most of that time was spent in one line.

I decided on this line because it was serving pulled pork sandwiches.  I didn't realize that this was THE BBQ to eat at the park.  I was so happy to run into Lauri and her friend in line.  It is so much better to eat BBQ with friends.

There was a pig in each of these ovens.

I passed this other restaurant while in line for my BBQ.

Happiness is pulled pork.  This was prior to adding the BBQ sauce and it was all good.  Good but not great.  

I was far happier to hang out with Lauri and also to see this monument to Farragut.  I had just finished reading about it and it's sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens  in The Greatest Journey. 

And this little picture was the highlight of Saturday night.  Briggie received some dance lessons.

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