01 June 2012

Happy Birthday Mer!

Today's not the actual day but it's still in the allowed time to celebrate Mer's birthday.  We met a little over two years and it's been wonderful being friends with this girl.  She loves adventures, good food, traveling, being with friends and family, and she has an enormous capacity to love.

I asked her a couple of her favorites. 

Favorite restaurant in the city -

I'm happy I was with her at this one.  It was an incredible meal.

Favorite store in NYC -

De Vera on Crosby Street.  I've never been but I'm sure it's fabulous since Mer loves it.

Favorite NYC site -

The view of Central Park from Asiate in the Mandarin Oriental.

Favorite city -

Istanbul.  Mer has traveled all over the world so this is high praise from her.

1 comment:

  1. SO SWEET!!!!! This totally made my day! I am so glad I agonized over my choices as they were posted for all to see. : ) Mom and dad will be excited about this post!!!