29 February 2012

What Happens on Leap Day Stays On Leap Day

Merry Leap Day to us all!

30 Rock essentially invented a Leap Day holiday for all of us.  If you don't want to watch it here, you can read about it here.  I was already going to invite friends over so why not follow the lead of a great tv show.

Everyone was told to wear yellow and blue.

And bring round food to represent the earth's rotation around the sun (the true celebration of leap day).

Other round foods - Patsy's Pizza, cupcakes and apples.

We ate, talked and hopefully people took some chances on the way home because it's the Las Vegas of days.  Jess and Laurie talking on the couch.  I like to see the Upper West Side and Brooklyn mingling.

Brooklyn continued to be represented by Jeff, Chaunte and Ben.

Evan and Claire.  I like this couple.

Lara and Micah.  Micah wants people to know that he's always aware of when a picture is being taken of him.

And many congratulations to the just engaged couple - Suvi and Paul.  So very excited for them.

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