27 February 2012

If It Is Pancake Month, We Eat Pancakes

I never knew that February is National Pancake Month but thank goodness Clinton Street Baking Co. celebrates it by featuring different flavors throughout the month.  In honor of last month's pancakes that made Trish cry and the fact that pancakes are delicious, we decided to go to CSBC three times in February.

An adorable Trish expressing the excitement we were all feeling.  Our first trip was 13 February (the real Galentine's Day) spent with Suvi and Jess but no picture of them so you'll have to believe they were with us.  The wait was barely anytime at all.  It was exciting to grab the booth as soon as all of us arrived.  The flavor was Japanese Pumpkin Pancake with pumpkin seed streusel and warm maple butter.  It was the most delicious food we ate that night.  After having eaten at CSBC for dinner three times this month, I now know they cook breakfast much better than dinner here.

Japanese pumpkin is just the normal pumpkin that we know and love.

Our second trip was on 20 February after the ice skating trip.  Mer joined us for this session to eat Crunchy Bananas Pancakes with cinnamon-chili-chocolate sauce.  The wait was over an hour which is hard to manage when you're hungry but we were on a mission.  Unfortunately, these pancakes were cold and not very fresh.  The crunchy bananas just meant they were fried and there was barely any sauce on the pancakes.  It was a disappointment.

But Trish and I knew the best was yet to come.  Tonight we ate Pancakes with chocolate chunks, fresh raspberries and raspberry-caramel sauce and it was hands down the winner of Pancake Month.  This variety is on the menu until 29 February and I recommend eating them as soon as possible.

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