16 February 2012

Third Trip to Brooklyn for Food in One Weekend

I love it when Phor visits because we eat a lot and she is always willing to travel for this food.  It's sad that she lives in DC and is willing to travel to Brooklyn but certain friends that live in Manhattan won't travel to Brooklyn.

Sunday morning brunch at The Farm on Adderly.  We arrived pretty close to opening time and got a table within 30 minutes.

Waiting for a table gave me the opportunity to check out the ceiling which is often seen in NYC and I continue to like.

One of my favorite eating partners.  We always share our food which is the best way to dine.  

A combination of the French Toast with Apples and the Chocolate Brioche with Sea Salt and Butter.  We ran out of plates for the eggs.

1/2 a portion of the Farmer's Breakfast - scrambled eggs over swiss chard, brioche, parmesan and home fries.

We had to order a side of bacon when we saw the table next to ours get it.

I can't wait for Phor to return in the Spring for more food adventures.  She's my favorite type of visitor.  But maybe next time we'll have time to make it to the museum.

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