14 February 2012

Clear Eyes, Full Stomachs

Saturday morning.  Brooklyn.  Goal to eat at Mile End Delicatessen.

We put our names on the list and they offered to call us when a table was available.  We walked back to Brooklyn Fare which we had passed on our way to Mile End.  I want to get a reservation there so much but it's impossible.  Calling at 10:30 am on Monday morning for a finite set of reservations 6 weeks in advance is frustration.  The restaurant is attached to a wonderful market and Phor bought two chocolate croissants that were the best I've had in NYC yet.

Mile End serves smoked meat and it is delicious.  Please go for this alone.

The very friendly chefs.  We had the best seats looking right into the kitchen.

I remembered to take a picture before we started eating.  This is the Smoked Meat Hash with two eggs, brisket, potato and onion.  One of the top 3 things we ate over the weekend (the chicken biscuit at Pies N Thighs was another one.)  The brisket was perfect.

I love breakfast sandwiches and this one was special.  First,  it is served on a Montreal bagel which is different from a NYC bagel.  It's smaller and I like the taste.  Second, the bacon is probably some of the best I've ever had.  It is made in the kitchen and it is smoky sweet bacon.  Third, the Quebec Cheddar was a great cheese.

This was our view and we couldn't resist ordering a Cheese Bagelach to finish the meal.

This pastry is only served at brunch and maybe breakfast (not sure) but it is delicious.

Just some beautiful flowers in the store next to Mile End.

We left Brooklyn and headed to Fabulous Fanny's in the East Village where both of us bought sunglasses.  I found two pairs of Christian Dior vintage glasses.  They remind me of Faye Dunaway in The Thomas Crown Affair.  I want to always look like Faye Dunaway in The Thomas Crown Affair.

Dinner that night came way too early but Tertulia is one of those restaurants that are way too popular and does not take reservations.  I'm glad we went but I was ill with food by the end of the day.

I could see the meat cooking in the wood oven.

The pictures are dark but this is the Coles de Bruselas - brussels sprouts, pork belly, mojo picon.  I first ate brussels sprouts three years ago and now I will always order them if they are on the menu.  And I'll most likely always order anything with dates and duck as well.  And of course anything with pork belly is delicious.  Momofuku taught me well.

Ensalada de Invierno - winter salad of squash, kale, mushrooms, Idiazabel cheese, mushroom vinaigrette.

Suquet - monkfish, shrimp, root vegetables, almond picada, saffron all ioli.

And our weekend of eating was still not finished.

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