17 February 2012


Boston.  Unusually mild weather so I didn't mind walking a fair distance to Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art on the waterfront.  I think the best part of the museum was the building and the views from the building.

The museum is right by Louis Boston which moved a couple of years ago from Back Bay.  It's a very expensive store that I like to walk through and admire.

Cameras were not allowed in the museum and I was the only one walking through it at the time.  It was always me and a security officer in every room.  I felt very watched.  But I was able to take a picture of the view from the museum.  It was a beautiful clear day.

View of downtown Boston walking to the T line to get to the next place.

Remember this post and also this one where I talked about the Bon Appetit's Best New Restaurants in America 2011 list?  I finally ate at number 10 on the list which is Bondir in Boston.  I got a 5:30 reservation and Meliss met up with me. 

It is a small restaurant with only 28 seats.  I felt like it had been specially decorated just for V Day since we were there the day after but I think pink is always in the decor.  The ceiling is beautiful.

Bondir changes the menu daily and I especially love it because it offers 1/2 portions of all of the dishes.  I think all restaurants should do this.  It was the perfect amount to try two main dishes and split a dessert.  Our bread choices - 9 Grain, The Sea (with bits of shrimp in it), and White Corn with Duck Cracklings.  The White Corn bread was my favorite.

I immediately knew I wanted this dish - Fresh Spaghetti with Duck Confit, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Oregon Mushrooms, Garlic Chives, Fresh Ricotta - and it was delicious and the plating was beautiful as well.

The restaurant used mismatched china and it fit well with the decor.

I honestly did not know what to order for my 2nd dish but I knew I did not want the Beef Tartar or the Scallops.  The server told me to order the Rouen Duck with White Flint Cornmeal Cake, Fresh Onion, Kumi Kumi Squash, Black Lentils.  The cornmeal cake was so unexpected and just a perfect compliment to the duck and black lentils.  I was well pleased with the dish.

Bondir is receiving high praise for its desserts as well.  We ordered the Tangerine Dream which is Genoise, Vermouth-Infused Tangerine, Thyme Buttermilk Ice Cream, Meringue Brulee.  I could eat the Brulee alone and be perfectly content.  The dessert was made up of delicious layers and it wasn't until the sixth bite that you tasted it as a whole.  The whole wasn't better than each layer but just a different dessert.

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