19 February 2012

It's An American Weekend

Happy President's Day!  In honor of the day, I visited The Metropolitan Museum's new American Wing.  The wing was expanded and reconceived and is absolutely beautiful.  I took lots of pictures and unfortunately don't have detailed descriptions (or any) of many of them.  Look through the pictures and plan to visit very soon.

This is the Charles Engelhard Court and it reminds me of areas in the Lourve.  The sculptures are gorgeous and I appreciated the idea that all of the works of art in this wing are done by Americans.  I understand that it's called the American Wing for this reason but I was inspired by the history and beauty of American artists.  We are a relatively new country.

The Mourning Victory from the Melvin Memorial by Daniel Chester French.  I'm amazed by how fluid and alive the marble looks. 

Nydia, the Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii by Randolph Rogers was the most popular American sculpture of the nineteenth century.


I then moved into what looked like the entrance of a house to begin the tour of actual interiors of homes from the eighteenth century to the twentieth century.  The pictures are in the order of earliest to more contemporary.  I focused on the fireplaces as they really are the center of the parlors.

The detail on the staircase is beautiful.  

A room designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Followed by one of his stained glass windows.  His work has become so familiar now that I've toured through some of his homes.

The art galleries were gorgeous. I did not take pictures of many of the paintings but there were a couple that I had to take.  I did not take any of the gallery of John Singer Sargent's portraits as they are so beautiful and must be seen in person.

 I bought a postcard of this painting when I was in college and have always been enamoured of it which may be because it's titled Repose. 

A very dignified President Lincoln.

Mullets on the boys and the girls.  It's a perfect mulleted family.

 A beautiful winter day in NYC.

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