28 February 2012

Present Music Obsession

You know when everyone, including critics, are going crazy for a band and you think sure, I'll buy it just to see what it's like (Spotify has forever cured this thought).  I bought St. Vincent's Marry Me when it came out and thought this is good but not something I have on repeat.  And then Strange Mercy came out and people went crazy over this album.  Again I thought "ok, sure I'll buy it."  I owned it for a few months before I finally listened to it.  Now I can't stop listening to it.  It's in my head but in a good way.

Jess, Jendar and I saw Annie Clark (St. Vincent) at the Pitchfork Music Festival in 2010.  We didn't just see her perform but we recognized her strolling through the booths and asked if we could take a picture of her with Jendar.  She is beautiful and very nice.  I like it when I catch someone on a good day and they are kind.  Everyone is allowed a bad day, even famous people.

Please check out the following songs -

Dilettante  - not a real video but it's my favorite song.

While reading Wikipedia about St. Vincent, I learned she was a member of The Polyphonic Spree and a part of Sufjan Stevens' touring band.  Of course I like her.

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  1. I love this girl! Have you listened to her second album Actor? It's pretty great.