07 February 2012


Back in January, I dragged myself out of bed to visit Dia:Beacon with Jendar.  It was her last day in NYC and I really wanted to see her before she left. 

The museum is right off the Metro-North train line and an easy walk from the station.  It's housed in a former Nabisco box printing facility and is only open during the day since natural lighting is the only lighting used.  You can see from the pictures how much the space still resembles a factory but now a factory filled with art.

Dan Flavin.  Not one of my favorite artists but I liked the look of this piece in the setting.

Lots of lovely Sol LeWitt which really reminded my of the art by my friend Jess.  Take a look and you'll know what I mean.  I hope she agrees with me.

Both pictures from different directions and you can see the change of lighting on both sides.  Works by Imi Knoebel.  I loved the vast spaces.

Michael Heizer's Long-term installations.  I would think so since they are large holes in the ground.  I was told by a friend that you can take a tour for a closer look but it happens early in the day and we were too late.  They were still impressive to look at from behind the barrier.

I wish I could remember the artist of this work and I don't know if you can tell what it is from the photo.  I turned the corner and thought I was looking in a mirror and I was at an angle where I would not have appeared in the mirror.  I walked much closer to realize they are lines from the ceiling to the floor and it created an optical illusion at least for me that they were mirrors. 

Louise Bourgeois.  I love her spider sculptures.  There was another one in front of the Guggenheim Bilbao.

Richard Serra.  He makes me so happy.  I love running into his works unexpectedly like the sculpture in the first two photos.  The last two photos are from a large room full of his works.

This was the best setting to say goodbye to Jendar for a little while at least.  I'm excited to visit her art space in Salt Lake City when it opens.

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  1. these pictures are great! I have been meaning to blog about this but haven't. I am so glad you did! so glad I got to spend my last day in nyc with you. and hopefully next time you're in slc, my space will be all open.