09 February 2012

The Canyon of Heroes

Super Bowl 2012.  The 49ers lost to the Giants in the playoffs so I was not really invested in the game but it's a good excuse to see friends.

But I want to start with the last part first.  I saw a part of the parade honoring the Giants but I loved seeing the paper flying through the air.  I finally left the parade when a boy in front of me dropped trou to urinate on a roll of toilet paper to add the right amount of heaviness to it so as to throw it farther.  I identified where the line was that needed to be crossed for me to leave.

For the actual party, I provided sundaes and Little Debbie snacks from Pittsburgh.  I admit not typical Super Bowl fare but I don't like to always be obvious.

Other people brought homemade bread, hummus, fruit, veggies, popcorn, and turkey jerky.  I was teased at work for not providing wings, spinach dip, chili, etc. but this is how we roll.

It was at this point where the Pats fans were a little upset with what was going on in the game.

Suvi's disappointment.

Paul's elation.

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