26 February 2012

James Murphy Always Does Right

LCD Soundsystem is one of my top 5 bands easy.  And because they broke up and we have all of the music that they will ever create, I know that it is all very good.

I know today is Oscar Day but the films are kind of boring so no comment. 

I first saw LCD at the Virgin Festival in Baltimore 2007.  I saw them on the side stage and thought they were the best band at the festival.  I didn't own any of their music at this point but that was soon corrected.  My first taste had also been seeing them live and that is the best way to see them.

Next show May 21, 2010 at Terminal 5 which is my least favorite venue in the city.  But Brigham got there early and secured us a great area where we got to see things like -

Until Casey moves back to NYC, probably the only time he'll show up in the blog and that is Brigham.

I'm pretty sure Brig was holding up all 10 fingers to show that the concert was a 10.  You can see his thoughts on the show here.  It remains to be one of my favorite concerts.

Just a few months later and now in Chicago at the Pitchfork Music Festival Jess, Jendar and I danced for a few hours to LCD.  We could not but dance.

One of my favorite scenes ever.  The pink is a give away it's a girl.

We were far from the stage but the volume was way up.

And the last time I saw LCD was at MSG on April 2, 2011. This was also LCD's final concert as they broke up at the end of the show. Thank goodness Phor was able to get us tickets.

I promise that is James Murphy on the stage.

So I am waiting in anticipation for Shut Up and Play the Hits the documentary made about the last concert.  See the trailer here.  It played at Sundance to a good reception but journalists commented that people did not dance during the movie.  I will be dancing when I see it in the theater.  There is no way not to dance to this music.

Some of my favorite songs -

Disco Infiltrator 
Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
Dance Yrself Clean (with the Muppets)


  1. The show was a 10 . . . but also, my palm was bleeding from bursting a balloon.

    Yes, another way of saying that is "I cut myself with a balloon."

  2. Ahh..now I remember. That was a fun fun night and blood sometimes needs to be shed.