23 February 2012

Why I Love Paris - Food

There are so many reasons why I love Paris and the food there is in the top 10.  My last trip to Paris was September 2010 with incredible friends and that is a very good way to eat your way through the city.

One of the first things I bought in Paris was Ladurée macaroons to confirm that they are still delicious and they are.  But I like Pierre Herme even more.

This is the only picture I took of one of the best meals we ate in Paris at Cocottes.  Ty, Jo and I went after we were evacuated off of the Eiffel Tower due to a bomb scare.  The food is served in little Staub cocottes (dutch ovens) and it was amazing.  Apparently the dessert was the only thing I felt needed to be documented.  It was a waffle with chocolate sauce and cream.  We ate it all.

Another meal was at Brasserie Lipp on Boulevard Saint-Germain.  The waiters were kind, funny and very tolerant of our lack of French.  The food is very French.

We should have gone to Berthillon every day.  The ice cream was a dream.  We went enough times to get a good sample of the flavors.

Trish eating the best falafel at L'as Du Falafel in the Marais.

Waffles with chocolate sauce from the Latin Quarter. 

We drank a lot of hot chocolate and some of it was at Angelina's - a must go in Paris.  Actually all of these places must be visited.  I should have an entire post on pain au chocolat alone because they really are the best in the world.  Other bests in the world - baguettes, butter, nutella (it's made differently for each country) and chocolate from Jean Paul Hevin.

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