24 February 2012

Ladies Who Lunch

In the continuing quest to eat at all of the best of NYC restaurants, Mer and I ate at Le Bernardin.  It was delicious except for the dessert but more on that later.

We ate there for lunch and it was fun to look around at the other customers in the restaurant.  We opted for the City Harvest Menu which is only three courses but a portion of the money is donated to City Harvest.  Neither of us like fish enough to eat six courses of it.

Mer in the bar area.  I did not feel comfortable taking too many pictures in this setting but I sneaked a few shots of the food.  The presentation is just beautiful.

 This was my favorite course - Hamachi Tartare; Marinated Cucumber, Aged Citrus Vinegar.  It was probably the best raw fish dish I've ever eaten.  The citrus was perfect with the fish.

Our main dish was Sauteed Cod; Green Papaya, Lime, Coriander, Sambal Sauce.  The sauce smelled delicious and I loved the Asian influence.  

This was the disappointing dessert - Maralumi Milk Chocolate Parfait; Pear Sphere, Ginger Caramel.  The pear tasted like canned fruit.  It made me sad how unexciting this was after the fish courses were so delicious.

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