21 October 2013

Let's All Admit to Crushing On Tig

I admit to being a little surprised when I heard that Tig Notaro was organizing a comedy festival in DC.  I also immediately bought tickets for the shows I could attend. 

The Bentzen Ball was named for a man who died laughing while watching A Fish Called Wanda.  Apparently, it's the resurrection of a comedy festival that DC had a few years ago and Tig wanted to start up again.  She teamed with Brightest Young Things and it pretty much all sold out.  I'm hoping this means it will return next year.

Jenica and I bought tickets for the opening night to hear Tig with Doug Benson, Wyatt Cenac and Heather Lawless.  I have been listening to Doug Loves Movies for over a year now and it's one of my favorite podcasts.  I was excited to finally see Doug perform.  And I've heard Tig on This American Life and other interviews and was super excited to finally see her in person.  Everyone delivered and then some.  I started to crush on Wyatt Cenac as well.  This show was worth standing in the 930 club for close to 3 hours.

And then Brigham came into town the next day for another reason on Saturday (more later) but he changed his life around to make sure to be there for Friday night especially to see Doug Loves Movies.  There was some definite excitement at trying to figure out who the guests will be.  Brig spotted Sam Levine aka lil wolverine through a door and we were pretty smiley to finally see him on stage after hearing him on the podcast for so long.  He takes this game very seriously which I truly appreciate. And Tig showed up!  With Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome aka Garfunkel and Oates.  It was the kind of lineup I could only be happy with.

Tig and Sam.  Tig was looking in that direction a lot because her girlfriend was off stage helping her through most of the games.  At one point, she came up on the stage to sit next to Tig.

Some of the folks who brought name tags trying to get noticed by the famous folk.

I like that Brigham only comes to DC to watch podcasts.

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