08 October 2013

A Little Gospel Music, Good Bread and a Broken iPhone

My last day in Austin is the day that my iPhone 4 gave up the ghost.  I was using it without any problems and then it suddenly died.  Nothing I did brought it back to life.  I also wanted to get the phone immediately as I was traveling the next day and I would not be able to buy a new one until Tuesday night.  This just means that some of my photos are lost from that day but more on that later.

There were too many restaurants to choose in Austin so some of our meals happened a little too closely.  We actually got out of the hotel Sunday morning during the morning and headed to Contigo which is this gorgeous restaurant pretty much all outside.  I lost those photos.  But I have photos of the food we ate.  I think I'm done taking food photos of every meal that I eat after this trip.  I'll focus on the things that are really beautiful but I'm realizing that doesn't have to include every bite of food that I eat.

Because we were going to eat again in a very short time period, we split what we ate.  Pain au chocolat with sea salt and strawberry jam and a lemon & rosemary scone with roasted red onion cream.  Both were as delicious as they sound.

And we finished it off with the Nopales with corn, tomato, white bean, sourdough, eggs and cactus.  With a side of bacon of course.

We used the time in between meals to check out the Texas State Capitol.

I'm fascinated that babies are included in this photo.  I assume they belong to the senators but I don't know if they are children or grandchildren or both.

After wandering around, we drove to Stubb's for their gospel brunch.  Stubb's is kind of famous for their bbq sauces but their brunch wasn't the reason I was excited for this. 

I was so happy listening to the music and it was good.  That boy on the bass is only 14 years old.  He did a great job but he got a kick out of the singer mentioning his age every few songs.

We took advantage of museum free Sunday and went to the Blanton Museum of Art on UT campus.  There was an exhibit in its last weekend that I'm so happy we saw called Lifelike.  The official description - Lifelike invites a close examination of artworks based on commonplace objects and situations, which are startlingly realistic, but often made of unusual materials in unexpected sizes.  This elevator was the height of a few inches and it worked.  There were so many other pieces there that I really liked as well.

This was also the place where Agnes, my iPhone 4, died.  It was sad but I was more stressed when I realized that our time was short to get to an Apple store before they closed at 6 pm.  This is also the place where we got stuck in a parking garage because a UT sporting event got out at the same time I was needed to leave.  It took 45 minutes to get out of a parking garage.  Not fun.  Ever.

Miracles still happen.  When I first arrived with an hour to spare, the employees told me there was no way to get an iPhone 5S as people had been waiting in line for a while for them.  I said that was fine so they were going to give me a 4S and I would upgrade once I returned to DC.  But then this other manager talked to me about how they keep iPhones precisely for these types of situations.  She understood that I was on vacation and that I needed a phone for the next day of travel.  She was sorry that there were no more gold phones available and I told her I wouldn't want one anyway.  I got my first choice in gray and they set me up with a brand new functioning phone.  It's been a toy I can't stop touching since.  I'm amazed at the whole fingerprint recognition tool.  My photos are much better and the speed is incredible.  I'll wait just as long for my next upgrade just to have this feeling of amazement again.

After the stress of that, we drove to Alamo Draft House to see Short Term 12 which is my favorite film of the year, eat sandwiches and drink milk shakes.  I have to thank Amber for this suggestion as it was perfect.

I was pretty content by the end of the day.  I was not content to leave Austin the next morning.  I'm really looking forward to returning.

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