10 October 2013

Birch & Barley: Come for the Fried Chicken

This is one of those restaurants that I've been wanting to return to since moving back to DC.  It had been a few years since Phor and I went for one of her birthday celebrations.  It was even better that we went for brunch as I'm a big fan of that meal.

We got into the restaurant pretty quickly considering we didn't have a reservation and we even grabbed seats at the chef's table.  Lauri wanted the donuts and they sounded really interesting - toffee bacon, lemon-poppy glazed and bittersweet chocolate.  Good but not the best. 

One of the prep chefs worked on the flatbreads directly in front of us.  We chatted with him a bit but he obviously enjoyed the position so he could overhear conversations.  I would be the same.

Out of love for Lauri and Derek, I didn't tell them of my dislike for gorgonzola until after we ordered the flatbread with figs and prosciutto.  I wanted to see if I still really didn't like it and I don't.  But it was good if you like that kind of cheese.

This was the real winner.  The fried chicken was delicious.  I'd come back for this.

And I was happy with the egg sandwich with sausage and cheese.  There is nothing better for breakfast than a good egg sandwich.

After brunch, Lauri caught her bus back to NYC and I watched DC completely shut down that week.

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