27 October 2013

Walking in Sunshine

I was in NYC during one of the most gorgeous weeks.  It was cool enough to wear a coat but sunny enough to still want to walk for miles throughout the city. 

I said goodbye to Jess on Monday and traveled to The Armory Show at the New York Historical Society.  It had opened that weekend and I was so happy that it was not crowded.  I've heard so much about the influence of the Armory show for years and I was excited to see it with 100 of the works originally shown in 1913.  This was the exhibit that introduced so many Americans to what the European and American artists were doing in Europe, including van Gogh, Picasso, Duchamp, Degas, Matisse, and Rodin.  It's incredible to think of a time when "Nude Descending a Staircase" by Duchamp was controversial.  I wanted to see that emotion of controversy still happening 100 years after the fact but now these works are popular and understood.  I wish I could travel back to the actual time and really hear people talking about the exhibit with shock and awe.

I walked through the park to get to the MOMA.  I explored unknown paths and found my way to Bethesda Fountain.  None of my photos do the place justice but I liked seeing the mom trying to pose her son in the below photo.

I made it to the MOMA before it closed and headed straight to the Magritte exhibit.  I forgot how much I like his paintings.  I went to an exhibit of his works at the SFMOMA in 2000 but it was a fuller retrospective whereas this one covers a set number of his working years.   I enjoyed the art more in the later years and really liked the below piece "The Lovers".  It's worth working through the crowds to see it.

I walked through more of the city the next day when I met up with Ty for lunch including Washington Square Park.  This image still makes me really happy.  I was even happier when people kept asking Ty to take their photos because they unknowingly got a professional photographer to do it for them.  And the people watching in this area is incomparable.  We saw it all including a woman who called for the squirrels with strange verbal noises, used their names and fed them food.  She confidently told all of us in the area that she was a witch.  I wish we had more of these personalities in DC but this is not their environment.

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