11 October 2013

James Murphy Is Playing At My House

By my house I'm referring to the 930 club but still it's in DC.  Phor and I bought these tickets a while ago and I kept thinking that this was happening in November.  It was a nice surprise to realize that was not the case.

The doors opened at 11 pm and the first set was by a pretty boring local dj.  Everything got louder and better once James started spinning.  He started by telling the crowd to not worry about looking at him because it's more fun to look at the people dancing around us.  He was up in the balcony and the stage was open for dancing.  I was excited to be up there for a few songs considering the caliber of musicians that have played on that very stage.

I went up to the 2nd floor to look at the view and I could see James dancing behind the equipment.

His mix of David Bowie's Love is Lost was just named by Pitchfork as best new music

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