05 October 2013


I made a reservation for this place as soon as it was possible because I read a lot of extremely positive reviews about it online.  The deal is 3 courses for $38 but we were able to get 6 different dishes to share for our 3 courses each.  We also left it to the kitchen as to what to serve us.  This is one of my favorite ways to eat.

We started with the summer cucumber salad with egg gribiche, corn puree, shishito peppers.  It reminded me of the appearance of som tum but I wanted the stronger flavors because of my mental comparison.  It was too subtle for me to really enjoy.

Poached cobia with tomato curry, poha and watercress.  This was really lovely and a very nice balance between a subtle fish flavor and the tomato curry.

Neither of us were looking forward to eating the soft shell crawfish but we did it.  I could have eaten the sour pork sausage and thai herb salad in this really nice omelet that accompanied it alone because of the flavors.

The roasted pork with okra, shrimp balchao and coconut rice was my favorite savory dish.  The coconut rice was that little bit of sweetness that added to the pork and okra.

I'm pretty sure I've eaten quail before but I can't remember.  I could probably do a search on this blog to receive my answer.  Again this was really lovely as it came with marinated eggplant, bell pepper, and pomegranate soy sauce.

But our dessert was my favorite.  I've had such horrible luck in DC with restaurant desserts.  Most of them have been boring and not worth eating.  This was so easy and perfect.  Coconut custard with chocolate sorbet, figs and malted chocolate crumble.

I walked away from this meal very happy and very full.

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