04 October 2013

Torrential Downpour, BBQ & LBJ

We were not good at leaving the hotel early in the mornings.  But this was the one day where it would have been ok to have just stayed inside.  It rained.  A lot.  The kind of rain that even surprised the locals.  We had things to do and BBQ to eat.

Our first stop happened when it was not raining too much.  We tried to figure out what BBQ to visit because Franklin's is famous but it doesn't always mean that it is the best.  Lauren asked a local friend and he recommended La Barbecue.

All of these places are outdoor but thank goodness a tent was set up for the line. 

As soon as we ordered our food, the rains just poured.  We had an umbrella over us and then used our own to kind of protect our backs.  We were soaked no matter how hard we tried not to be.  But the brisket was crazy worth it.  

And people were still lining up in the rain. A few minutes after I took this photo even more people came to crowd behind them. Nothing stops BBQ.

We had wanted to eat at the Gordough's trailer across the street but that was closed and we didn't want to stop as we ran to the car.  Thankfully they opened a brick and mortar shop which was nearby (but we would have stopped there no matter how far away it was.  You know how far I'm willing to eat donuts - See Kentucky trip). 

Each of these donuts are the size of a face.  I did damage on all of them but none of them were finished between the two of us.  I can't remember what exactly they were but one was nutella and strawberries, another had cream and fruit and the last one had chocolate on chocolate brownies with pecans.  The descriptions do not do them justice but other kinds can be found here.

What to do when it's pouring outside?  Visit a Presidential Library.  I was just hoping to be dry at some point again that day.

It really wasn't possible to capture the rain in the photo but the sky looks ominous.

I've been to two other Presidential libraries - FDR and Reagan - but neither had an animatronic LBJ sharing funny stories.

This collection creeped me out a bit.  It was a case full of Madame Alexander dolls of First Ladies in the dresses they wore in their official portraits.  Unfortunately, it ended with Lady Bird Johnson but the details were amazing.  You can see a closer view of JBKO and Eleanor.  

A replica of LBJ's office in the White House.

Lady Bird Johnson's office.  

The rain was kind of letting up when we left the library so we went shopping.  Amber told me about this shop called Feathers which we visited and where I bought stuff.

This is now my 1960s-era vintage coat.

Of course we went into the boot store and I almost convinced myself to buy a pair.

Our last stop before dinner was the sweetest.  We visited my friend Jess and his baby boy Joshua.  He just made me so happy with all of his smiles.

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