30 October 2013

The FDR Four Freedoms Park

I first heard about the design for this monument while watching "My Architect: A Son's Journey" a few years ago.  It is a documentary about Louis Kahn, the architect, and his designs that are famous around the world but I was intrigued about the monument he designed for FDR to be placed on Roosevelt Island in NYC.  I was sad to hear that it was never built because Kahn died and the city did not have the funds for it.

38 years later it opened and it is one of my favorite spots in the city.

I took the tram to the island and then remembered how disconcerting it is to be on a tram above the East River.

Once off the tram, I walked south and stopped to admire the view of midtown.  I learned how to use the panoramic camera feature on my phone.

I kept walking until I saw this sign.

When I first entered the monument, I couldn't figure it out.

I started walking closer to the end of the island and saw a head in the distance.  I loved being there when the trees were changing colors.

The inscription behind FDR's head.  I appreciate that the park is about the Four Freedoms which is also a focus of the FDR Memorial in DC.  I believe they are the freedoms that are taken for granted by those who enjoy them and forgotten that they are not enjoyed by all the peoples of the world.

I also think it's cool that there is a view of the United Nations building which is an organization trying to make sure that those freedoms are given to people everywhere.

The view of Brooklyn from the island.

Please enlarge the above photo.  This is the view of the monument that you cannot see when you first enter.

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