25 October 2013

More Reasons to Love the East Village

I ate some incredible meals while I was in NYC.  And all of these new restaurants were within a few blocks from where I used to live.  It makes me that much more sad to no longer be living there.

Mighty Quinn's Barbecue on 2nd Ave has the most delicious brisket and pulled pork.  The last place I ate brisket was in Austin and this was still good when I thought back to that brisket.  We also ate the sweet potato side which was like the best pie I've had without the crust.

It's not a new place but it's a favorite.  I introduced Buvette to Ty.  This place always makes me happy.  I'm excited to return in a few weeks now that the weather is very much cooler to drink hot chocolate.

I ate Thai food with Chris at Somtum Der.  It just opened and they have a branch in Bangkok.  It's really good Isan food.  It reminded me of Thai food in Thailand which says so much.  I didn't take any photos but I was happy.

I then headed to Williamsburg to eat ice cream at Odd Fellows which has only been opened for a few months but I've read about it on many sites.  It is well worth the trek to Williamsburg.  I had a scoop of olive oil ice cream with the chorizo caramel swirl.  It has the essence of chorizo and you cannot knock it until you try it.  It is incredible and I'm hoping they'll have something pumpkin-y the next time I go.

Brigham and I met for lunch at Han Dynasty, another new place in East Village.  I was so excited to eat good Chinese food and the dan dan noodles (below) are incredible.  Unfortunately, the rest of our dishes never arrived because the health inspectors decided to visit at that time.  We were both so sad because those noodles could only portend more good things.

And my last meal was at the Madison Eats where I had to eat Roberta's pizza. I didn't have time to go to Bushwick and I was so happy to see them on the island.  

I tried the bee sting and it was as good as it sounds (mozzarella, pepperoni, chili flakes and honey).  I always eat really well when I'm in NYC. 

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