20 January 2013

Come On Down To Harmontown

I have a feeling that Brig is going to write a monster post on this once he returns to NYC but I'll just start the conversation here.

I received a text from Brig last Saturday as Phor and I were going to the Arboretum asking if I wanted to see Harmontown at the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse on Jan 19.  I said yes, he bought the tickets and found a bus to drive him to DC.  I waited for the adventure to start on Saturday afternoon.

Harmontown was introduced into my life by Brig when I asked him what podcasts he likes.  I have a lot more walking time in DC and I wanted to fill up that time with something in addition to music.  He also recommended Doug Loves Movies which I also fell for hard.

Harmontown is Dan Harmon who is the genius creator of Community talking to his friend Jeff Davis who was once on Whose Line Is It Anyway?.  The two of them with Dan's girlfriend, Erin, and Spencer the Dungeon Master are touring the US so that all of his fans can experience the wonder of the podcast in person.  I recommend going just to see Dan dance. 

There is a lot to say about the 2 hours of comedy gold we watched last night but you can listen to it when the podcast goes live hopefully later today.

Richie met up with us at the theater.  

We sat as close to the stage as possible and, since a documentary is being made of the tour, we could be in that documentary.  The camera on Dan's head looked directly at Richie which will be incredible to see.

Photos were not allowed but toward the end when things were crazy, I grabbed a few shots.  Above is the well dressed Jeff Davis.  Below is Dan after his hilarious attempt to crowd surf.

The bonus feature of the show was watching Dan alone on the stage wanting to keep going.

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