14 January 2013

Belgian Fries

I forget how much I really like Belgian fries until I have a large plate sitting in front of me full of them. 

We had a girls brunch at Brassiere Beck on Saturday.  I'm pro-brunch as it gets me out of the house at a decent time.  Otherwise, I want to take advantage of my only day all week to sleep past 7 am.

Happy Birthday Nancy! I wish we had all met up to celebrate Nancy's birthday but that celebration will have to occur later.  I also took a picture of Hannah and Marcilyn but one person looked upset and the other was eating so I decided it wasn't portraying them at their best.

Lots of fries with an omelet.  

Lots of fries with different dipping sauces and a breakfast sandwich with pork belly.

Marcilyn had the very French Quiche Lorraine but unfortunately, without the fries.  I gave her a couple of mine.

And our brunch dessert was the lemon souffle pancake. 

This brunch thing will become a regular part of my life in DC.

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