01 January 2013

Happy New Years

This year did not start out like last year.  A different city calls for a new activity. All I heard last week from talking with friends and overheard conversations is how much people do not like New Years Eve.  It's loaded with too many expectations and not enough traditions.

I wanted a low key celebration and that is exactly what happened. Jenica, Debby and I ate tacos and watched The Matrix.  I had never seen it before (I know) and it was funny seeing a movie that people loved so much in 1999 and how old it looks 13 years later.  I will admit Keanu's moves were inspiring.  Debbie said it best that Keanu was perfect for the role of Neo since he only needed to look confused for 90% of the movie and he does that very well.

At midnight, we danced to Outkast, Kanye, LCD and Justin.  It was the best way to celebrate the end of a year that not many of friends loved and the beginning to a hopeful 2013.

I have made a couple of decisions about 2013 -

1.  Find a decent taco in DC.  The ones from last night from District Taco were a profound disappointment.  It would be a bonus if the same place served good tamales.  Please send me your recommendations.

2. Travel to Chicago to eat at Alinea.  This will hopefully happen with Lauren in the spring.

3.  Travel to either the South of France or Sweden.  Alpha went to Sweden a couple of years ago and her photos are dreamy. 

4. Learn French.  This is more in the maybe category but I would at least like to learn the basics.

5.  Last year I made the goal to read 26 books and I did read 26 books.  This year I'll do the same.

A dear friend gave me this hope for 2012 and I choose to carry it to 2013 for all of us - Let's hope 2013 brings love, laughter, joy, health and happiness like you've never known before!


  1. i hope you find good tacos. i'm still trying to find some in seattle!

    1. I forgot to add to my list that I'm visiting Seattle this year. Hopefully we will both be there at the same time. Can't wait to see you!

  2. I was just telling a friend about our proposed Chicago eating trip yesterday - let's make it happen!