01 January 2012

It Had To Be Done

The weather was perfect.  The group of friends were perfect.  We headed to Times Square to ring in 2012.

Alpha bought the too perfect glasses and you can see the ball behind all the people.  It's on top of the tall building directly behind every one.  And everyone is Ty, Alpha, Ben, Jendar and Erin.

Alpha kind of likes Justin Bieber.  Can you spot him in the photo? He was playing "Let It Be" on the stage over from us.  Carlos Santana played guitar.  Ty guessed that JB would be playing with someone that would be considered one of the oddest pairings ever and he was right.

 Can you tell by the look on Alpha's face that she's watching JB?

And 2012 finally arrived.

And then we all celebrated the arrival of 2012.

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