09 January 2012


Remember this post where I mentioned Bon Appetit's Best New Restaurants 2011?  I finally went to number one on the list in Charleston, SC - Husk with my brother and his very lovely wife.  I'd also read about the chef Sean Brock in the New Yorker (article not online) and was looking forward to the outing.

At the entrance, we saw this sign that explains the origin of every food item on the menu.  It's exciting because Brock is growing his own vegetables and grains with seeds that haven't been grown since the 19th Century in the South. 

The server put this on our table and explained it was turnips grown from Brock's crops.

The restaurant's decor wasn't very exciting but the food made up for it.

For starters, I had the Mepkin Abbey Mushroom Stew with Baby Red Mustard Greens, Poached Egg from Celeste Albers and GA Parmesan.  We all voted and my dish won for best starter at the table.

My brother had the Celery Root Bisque, TX Wagyu Brisket, Brioche Croutons and TN Perigord Truffle.  It tasted much better once Hot Sauce that came with the next dish was added to it.

And the last dish was Southern Fried Chicken Skins with Husk Hot Sauce and Collard Green Marmalade.  I thought this was incredible but I stopped after one bite. 

I once again ordered something amazing - Adam's Pork Chop, Toasted Farro and Kale, Charred Sweet Potatoes, Roasted Marshmallow, TN Chocolate Demi Glace.  As my brother said, it was like smores with pork.  And it was delicious.

The second best main was the Golden Tile Fish, Wood Fired Brussels, Ambrose Farms Baby Carrots, Meyer Lemon Milk Whey Vinaigrette.  The fish melted in my mouth.

And the only disappointment was the Border Springs Country Fried Lamb, Smoky Sea Island Red Peas, Black Cherry Tomatoes, Ham Braised Collards, Red Eye Gravy because the lamb was very fatty and kind of bland.

We also ordered a side of Ambrose Farms Broccoli with Pickled Garlic, Lemon and Chilis which I really liked.

For dessert, I think we all wanting chocolate but there was none on the menu.  Instead, we ordered two dishes of Oatmeal pie with salted caramel ice cream and chocolate syrup.  This pie is the cousin of Momofuku's crack pie.


  1. they just had an interview with tom douglas on the radio and he talked about sitka and spruce. it made me think of you and your fancy dining adventures!

  2. Have you been to any of his restaurants yet?