22 January 2012

Duck Duck Pork

I believe it was last summer that David Chang moved The Milk Bar across the street and opened a duck bar in that area of the Momofuku Ssam restaurant (I think that is changing to a real bar soon).  With that development, the restaurant offered up a large format meal serving rotisserie duck similar to their bo ssam meal.  I love duck or rather I love eating duck.  It's one of my favorite dishes and I knew this meal was in my future.  I also knew Brigham and Dave would be right there with me.

It took a few weeks to find a 6:30 reservation but I finally got one for January 10.  I had just recovered from the flu and was in the beginning stages of bronchitis during this dinner which explains the long time lapse between the event and the post. 

The cast of characters -

It took me a few tries to get this pic of Brigham.  Check out his not so dark photos of the dinner here.
Trish doesn't like duck but she came for the catfish and the company.
Evan and Alpha.
And me with Alpha.
The dinner comes with a whole rotisserie duck, chive pancakes, bibb lettuce, hoisin sauce, duck scallion sauce and crispy shallots.

For sides, we chose the fingerling potatoes with spicy black bean sauce.

And the broccoli with bluefish dressing.

The duck platter was a work of art in itself.  Underneath all of that greenery is an entire delicious duck with sausage rice.

One of Alpha's creations. 

That one last piece of duck breast was later eaten by Brigham.  It was too delicious to not eat.

My one picture using a flash.  It does look so much better but so much more annoying.

So the server mentioned this delicious large format dessert to finish the meal.  He described it as a s'more and immediately we all said yes.  I think this is one dessert that we'd rather have taste like a s'more rather than the "idea" of a s'more.  The greek yogurt ice cream on top was not a crowd favorite.

Excellent meal with excellent people.  I also love that a large portion of our conversation dealt with Blue Ivy, the meaning of the name, and people who twitter late at night.

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