30 January 2012

Mer's Food Design

I had a small get together and Mer was there to put out the food.  Her work is always worth documenting.

My fruit box came with lots of avocados so I made guacamole but no cilantro.  I never choose to cook with cilantro. It's still delicious.

I bought the cheese from Lucy's Whey in Chelsea Market.  I bought a lovely chevre which I doused with honey, a manchego (but made in the US since that is the only kind of cheese sold at Lucy's), and a really nice sharp cheddar.  The cheese was served with dried figs and California almonds.

Bread bought from Amy's Bread and crackers from  Chelsea Market Basket.  You can always find some amazing food item or gift in this shop.

I also made this a lemon tart from a recipe found on Smitten Kitchen (one of my go to sites for recipes) but I forgot to take a picture of it before digging into it.  It was also delicious.  I received Meyer lemons in my box and I was so excited to bake with them.

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