31 December 2012

The Power of a Photo

I had a few hours today to finally use a Living Social coupon I bought to visit the Newseum.  It opened after I moved to NYC and I have only heard positive reviews.

I started on the 6th floor and worked my way down through the floors.  The first stop is the balcony where you can take photos of the Capitol.  I could see preparations already being made for the inauguration in a few weeks.

I turned toward the mall and saw the moon already rising for the night.

The museum is positively full of the incredible.  There is an entire room of front pages of historic events. 

And I hate to admit it being seeing the Titanic headline reminded me of Downton Abbey which is starting its next season this Sunday.

I walked through exhibits featuring Tim Russert's office and Edward Murrow's achievements.  I loved hearing that Edward's first name started out as Egbert until he changed it when he was a teenager.  I saw items from 9/11 and Daniel Pearl's computer.  Peering into Ted Kaczynski's cabin was creepy.

I was moved by the Journalist Memorial.  This small image does not do it justice as it is much higher and wider than it should be.  I couldn't help but think about what these journalists give to us - the words and the images to often move us to action when it's easier to do nothing.  I felt incredible gratitude to live in a country where there is a freedom of press although, unfortunately, that doesn't make it free of bias. 

I was not prepared by how emotional I would feel as I walked through the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery.  So much of my view of historical events were created by these photos.  I was moved by this years winner of a vet who's rental application was denied when he just wanted to start a new life.  He is suffering from PTSD and doesn't know how to function in this world after being a soldier.

I am forever moved by what happened at Iwo Jima and the many soldiers who were killed in that battle.  And I was so happy to see the absolute excitement of this family at seeing their dad/husband back from Vietnam after he went missing 6 years previous.

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  1. that is on my list when i come back next! i've been dying to see it.