23 December 2012

We Eat At Jean-Georges

This was the event I was really looking forward to when I went to NYC because our dinners were always special.  Trish and I made a couple of reservations at different restaurants but decided on the very early one at Jean-Georges as we would be able to attend the Christmas party later that night.

I was nervous about eating at Jean-Georges because I've never been very impressed by his other restaurants.  I've eaten at ABC Kitchen, Mercer Kitchen and Perry Street which were all fine but none recommended a second visit.  This restaurant exceeded my expectations and it was a great holiday restaurant (La Grenouille will always be our favorite.)

Trish looking gorgeous.  We had the best seats as we were able to view the entire restaurant.

The fine and fancy dishware.  I loved the Christmas flair on the table.

We decided on the prix fixe menu which is a choice of three dishes and a dessert.  I'm annoyed with myself because I purposely waited for this to be my last post on my NYC visit but I've since forgotten the details on what we actually ate and the menu online is not very helpful.  I'll do my best.

The amuse-bouche which was pretty but none of the bites were inspiring.  I often find this with the amuse-bouche but not at Per Se. 

Trish's first course was the "Sea Trout Draped in Trout Eggs, Lemon and Olive Oil." I love the use of draped in the food description.

I went outside of my comfort zone with the Nantucket scallops.  I'm trying to rethink my bias against scallops and this dish helped.  I just don't like them when they are tough or slimy.  Maybe I ask for too much.

Trish ordered one of the specialties -  grilled foie gras dumplings, port glazed figs and passion fruit.  So good and so rich.

I had black sea bass with baby brussels sprouts.  I couldn't resist the sprouts.

This is the Black Bass crusted with nuts and seeds, sweet and sour jus which Trish really liked.

My last course was the tack of lamb with a smoked chili glaze, new onion compote and pole beans.  It was tender and cooked perfectly.

For our desserts we chose an idea - Chocolate, Caramel, December or Christmas - and the dishes were based on that idea.  

The dessert course was like a party with desserts.  They brought out little scoops of gelato, our actual dessert platters and more treats than we could actually eat.

Trish chose chocolate.  All apparently were very good but the beignets were a disappointment.

I chose caramel mostly because of the salted caramel chocolate dish in the upper right hand corner.  I'm predictable.  

And the other sweets included gingerbread macaroons, marshmallows and a tray of chocolates.  We were given this lovely bag and box with two perfect chocolate truffles.

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  1. this place is so cute! maybe someday I will afford it :)