13 December 2012

My Paris Moment in NYC

My friend Alpha has been talking about the wonder of eating breakfast on a weekday at Buvette in the West Village for a while now.  We tried to meet up there when I was living in NYC but it never worked.

I found myself Friday morning in the West Village after having dealt with a stressful situation and I wanted comfort. 

I was walking down Grove Street when a cute girl with an accent asked me where the France House was located.  I had no idea what she was saying so I spelled it out on google maps and she said "no, the friend's house."  I told her to look up and there it was.  It's kind of funny how that show really did span the globe.

I sat on the bar and ordered a hot chocolate.  I had no idea that this was the best hot chocolate in New York.  It was the thick, milk chocolate kind of hot chocolate I first tasted in Spain.  I could drink this everyday.

I ordered the steamed eggs with prosciutto and the bread had been drizzled with olive oil.  The perfect breakfast.  I loved being in this restaurant so much and decided this is on my permanent list of places I must visit whenever I'm in NYC.  

It was a crazy almost 3 days visit but Brigham pointed out that I had been planning this trip for 3 months.  I have a whole lot to see and eat whenever I'm there.

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