10 December 2012

A Christmas Party in New York

I have a lot to show you about my weekend, especially meals, but it's late and I really want to post something today.  I was really happy to be in NYC the same weekend as the big Christmas party where all of my friends would be.  It was in a Penthouse down in the financial district with a gorgeous view.

I got to go with this girl.  We had an eating adventure before the party but more on that later.

It had been way too long since I had seen either Tempest or Austin.

I told Dave and Sarah to act casual so Sarah started doing the robot and Brig did the best photo bomb of the night.

And this is what Brig looks like now that he has an iPhone.  He only looks up to photo bomb.

If he takes my picture, I'm taking his.

And then the dancing started.  Alpha!

Was I sad that I didn't throw this party?  Yes.  But I was super happy not having to set it up, bake the treats and worry if people were having fun?  Most definitely yes!

Thank you Gabe and Kristin for a lovely night!

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