25 December 2012

Christmas Past - 1920

Merry Christmas!  Mom and I are off to Asheville, NC, today to tour the Biltmore, something I've been wanting to do for years.   I'm using this as an excuse to throw up some photos of events that I loved in years past.

I hosted holiday parties as an excuse to dress up and let my friends dress up.  They always turned out much more/better than I could have ever dreamed.

The food was not 1920s specific but always involved lots of homemade treats and Trader Joe supplies.

I always had mistletoe at the parties but it was rarely ever put to good use.

The girls all looked incredible and Ty's outfit was one of my favorite's as well.

Again, awkwardness around the mistletoe

I was really pleased with my hair and I love Chris's expression.

Di looking glamorous.

Di, Trish and Amber starting the dancing.

Suvi, Chris and Hillary looking very chic.

Watching Carly and Amber on the dance floor was amazing.  They have moves you can only dream of.

This was the first night I met Jacob and that  I realized I wanted little white lights in my apartment always.

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