27 December 2012

Christmas 2012

The majority of my Christmas day was spent making sure Hertz followed their end of the deal by renting me a car I asked for a month ago and then driving to Asheville, NC.  We drove through VA, TN and then NC but it was so dark that we weren't able to see the view.  Even in the winter, I think mountains without snow on them can be beautiful.

Before we piled in the car, Mom and I ate our Christmas lunch at the Blue Duck Tavern in DC.  I kind of knew what to expect but it was still overwhelming.  The drill was to order our main dish and a side but the appetizers and desserts were buffet style from enormous tables in the kitchen.  This really was the one meal we needed to eat before the 8 hour journey.

Just a selection of the salads and pastries.  I loved the tomatoes as they were all pickled.  I've never eaten them like this before but now it's the only way I want to eat them.

Our main courses came out and we were already done eating but we did our duty.  I ordered the duck and brussels sprouts with cranberries and bacon.  Mom had the glazed ham and potato puree.  The restaurant packed up the left overs for us but we never got to them and they only ended up smelling up the car.  

I was nervous at first to take photos of the food spreads but I grew braver the more food I ate.  Above is one side of the dessert table.  There were at least 17 desserts available with fresh berries.  The only one we really loved though was the lemon meringue tart.  I did like the blood orange cheesecake and the apple torte that the pastry chef is really well known for. 

The salad table and view into the kitchen.  Right behind me was an enormous spread of breads, salmon, dried meats, cheeses, and fresh oysters. 

As we were walking out, I realized the gingerbread house was of the Lincoln Monument.  I didn't have the energy to go back in to take a picture of the front.  I'm regretting it now because I would really love to see a gingerbread Lincoln. I did get a good shot without diners around the table.

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  1. I love the Blue Duck! Yum! And a very merry Christmas to you, my friend :)