03 December 2012

Black & White Christmas Food

The location and the space has changed but the party still goes on.  This year I chose the theme to be Black & White. I wish I could have decked out everything in black and white but red and green can't help but creep in. 

I wish I had more places to string lights because I love them all over the apartment.

Some of you will remember this beauty from last year.  May be the best purchase I made in 2011.

I didn't have as many guests as previous years which was nice in terms of food preparation.  It was still fun to think of black & white foods. I didn't take a close up picture but I made butter cookies with black and white frosting.  It was much more difficult making the frosting black than I had realized.  It looked more dark grey and there were more of those left over at the end of the night than the white ones.

Peppermint Joe Joe's are a given at every Christmas party I throw.

I made mint brownies but kept the frosting white instead of making it the usual green.

I found the recipe for the Winter Fruit Salad on Smitten Kitchen.

And cheese and crackers which was the runaway hit of the night.  Lesson learned - always serve cheese.


  1. this looks beautiful! i;m going to look up that winter fruit salad. thanks, carol!


  2. so bummed to have missed (how many times have i said this so far?)—can't wait for another get together chez carol!

  3. That winter fruit salad was amazing. And I hate to rub it in Hannah, but you really missed out. ;)