11 December 2012

Pig & Khao & Brigham & Dave

I don't even know how to start to explain my Thursday evening.  I was so excited to get on a train that was leaving 30 minutes earlier.  But I realized that it really didn't help me with my over planned Thursday night.  I had an appointment at 7:30 pm in Soho and the plan was to run down to Brigham's apartment, drop off my bag and meet up with Dave for dinner at Mission Chinese.  Brigham and the rest of the world has been talking up this place since it opened but I wasn't interested because of the hair I found in my food at the Mission Chinese in San Francisco.  I decided to let it go.  So that was the plan but then my wonderful friend who was loaning me his place for the weekend told me that I had to arrive before 11 pm because the doorman who had the keys leaves by then.  I believed I could still make everything happen. 

I walked out of Penn Station to get on the train at Herald Square and I saw this building.  There are moments when I am so incredibly happy in NYC and this was one of them.  It's difficult because returning to that city feels like returning home.  It's a very bittersweet feeling.

I made it to my appointment and then ran to Brigham's apartment in Little Italy.  Dave called while we were walking to the LES and told us Mission Chinese was closed for a private event.  We headed over to Pig & Khao on Clinton because it's semi-new and I had yet to try it.

It was wonderful to be at dinner with Brigham and Dave.  These two friends have been incredible this past year always being there when I needed a friend.  But this was when I was starting to freak out since it was now 8:45 and I had to be up in Harlem before 11 pm.  

Overall, the food was ok.  It's more of a scene kind of place.

We started with the salmon skin chips from Russ & Daughters and fried chickpeas.  Meh.

We ate the green mango salad with charred chicken which was good.  But I really liked the grilled pork jowl with watermelon and toasted rice.  We ordered the coconut rice and this was the most delicious food.  It was like eating sticky rice without the mango.  We had to order a second bowl.

This was the crispy pata which is pork leg and pickled green mango.  I was so happy with the coconut rice.

At this point around 9:40 I was stressing.  We walked super fast to Brigham's place, picked up my bag and ran/walked fast to the N train.  It took forever.  I transferred to the Q at 14th St at 10:20ish and then started begging God to help me get to Harlem in time.

I arrived at Times Square knowing that even a cab couldn't get me there in time but a 3 train was just arriving when I got to the platform.  Lots of praying that the train wouldn't stop for no apparent reason.  I had no back up plan and it was possible that I would be stuck in Harlem at 11 pm.  Against all odds, I arrived at the building with 8 minutes to spare.  Divine intervention.  I had lived in NY long enough to realize how crazy lucky I was.  I was so happy to sleep that night.  I was also dealing with the trauma of having the bathroom stall open while I was on the toilet in Penn Station earlier that evening but that's another story.

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